Wander around the Chao Anouvong park in a Vientiane afternoon

Wander around the Chao Anouvong park in a Vientiane afternoon

The Chao Anouvong Park is a charming park in Asia tour located in the center of the capital of Vientiane on the bank of the Mekong riverThe Chao Anouvong park is like an green air-conditioning of the city which is very suitable for  walking, doing exercise, shopping, and admiring the statue of the Laotian national hero of King Chao Anouvong.

Information about the Chao Anouvong park in Vientiane

The Chao Anouvong Park was built in 2010 to honor the Laotian national hero of the King Chao AnouvongThe Chao Anouvong Park is known as Green Park in English with the total area of 14 hectares where the lawn is interspersed with concrete.

Located in a precious area in the center of VientianeLaosthe Chao Anouvong park spans from the northern bank of the Mekong river to the Presidential Palace.

The first thing you can see in the Chao Anouvong park in the morning is that the groups of people practicing Tai Chi and doing exercise. In the evening, many backpackers choose the Chao Anouvong park as a stop to have a rest and enjoy a cup of Beer Lao.

In fact, the best way to start a round in the Chao Anouvong park is from the Presidential Palace to the statue of King Chao Anouvong, once standing in the statue of the King, you continuously walk to the West until the end of the promenade along the river, then you can see the market night of Vientiane, pushing yourself into the crowded flow of people and enjoying a cheerful night in Vientiane.

The Chao Anouvong park

The Chao Anouvong park (via flickr.com)

The way to get to the Chao Anouvong park

The Chao Anouvong park is located in the center of Vientiane. It has no official address but the best way to get there is to go to the Quai Fa Ngum road. Chao Anouvong Park is located right opposite the temple of Wat Xieng Nyeun and the Presidential Palace.

You will have the best Laos tours when you walk along the bank of the Mekong river to the night market or the Presidential Palace. There are so many kinds of activities to do there at night. Another choice is to rent a bike for 10,000 kip/day to wander around the park and the city of Vientiane.

The statue of the King Chao Anouvong in the Chao Anouvong park

In 2010, in order to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the capital of Vientiane, the Lao Government released the reckless project to build the Chao Anouvong park and the statue in honor of the contribution of the King Chao Anouvong.

The Chao Anouvong statue is placed in the heart of the park and it is a bronze statue with 6 meters of height. The King Chao Anouvong who is dressed up in his military uniform and his royal hat looks to the horizon in the northeast of Thailand, the ancient land of Laos, with one hand holding his sword and one hand up high like a symbol of greeting to the Thai people who used to be Laotian people forced to move out of their homeland after the fall of Vientiane kingdom.

The King Chao Anouvong (1767-1829) reigned the kingdom of Laos from 1805 until the fall of the kingdom in the war against the army of Siam in 1828. The King Chao Anouvong devoted his entire life to fight for the independence and freedom of Laos from the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand nowadays). Although he received the support of  Laotian people and he gained some victories from scratch, finally he was defeated by King Rama III of Siam. The King Chao Anouvong is praised as a Laotian national hero and at the foot of his statue, there is a small altar placed for the local people coming and praying.

The Chao Anouvong Park today is an ambitious project but till now it is incomplete. In the eastern part of the park that places planned to build the shops and malls today are a wilderness without any interest.

King Chao Anouvong statue

King Chao Anouvong statue

Opening hours and fee in the Chao Anouvong park

The Chao Anouvong park of Vientiane opens 24 hours in every day. However, the way to get to the statue of King Chao Anouvong will close at 19:00 p.m each day, there is no matter to walk from the night market or the Presidential Palace.

There is no fee to get in the Chao Anouvong park and the Chao Anouvong statue, so feel free to play around the park without any hesitations.

The Chao Anouvong park is a beautiful park in the heart of Vientiane which colors for the young city more lively and lovely. If you visit Laos, remember to spend a day for this beautiful park. If this information is useful for you, let’s contact us. Have a nice trip and thank you!

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